New Mini Project Announcement: RENGA

The Why:
Oni Works was set up as the games company who would be making “Oni World” related games, the flag ship title of which is called “Klank’s Story.”

While the plan is to still work on and release that game, with all the attention and love we can humanly give it, it doesn’t deter from the fact that we like making games of varying style and finish, or that we have little ideas that aren’t suited to the Oni World IP.

As such, Oni Works will be releasing small and fun games along the way as we work on the bigger project of Klank’s Story. The idea isn’t to distract ourselves from that main goal, but to experiment, test ideas and styles, and so that we can better serve our flag ship game.

Although work begun on a small game a while ago called Oni Match (which is on hold but will be completed and released in time), we’ve discussed a few more game ideas we’re going to work on and produce for you guys.

The first game we’re officially announcing is “RENGA,” and here are some preliminary pieces of artwork for the game.

About the Game:
The game centres around a very simple mechanic of play. You shoot the blocks and every block that gets destroyed, something is shot at you. Also, every 2 seconds, something is shot at you regardless of whether you’ve just destroyed a block or not. If you get hit 3 times, its game over.

We’re also making this game a perpetual one, with the aim is to get as high a score as possible. Blocks will continually shunt down from above.

We’re aiming for Android release, Facebook and also anywhere else we can put it really. All for free.

RENGA’s Secret Origin:
Renga started life some 12+ years ago when I was playing around with a simple game making program called “The Games Factory.” I happened to design a very basic game called “SpaceBlast” with the mechanic of shooting blocks and getting shot at. It is sort of the bastard child of Space Invaders and Break Out.

After digging through the files on an old hard drive, I found it and decided as an exercise to reskin it visually. After showing Sam, he fell in love with the mechanic and we decided to just make it for everyone to play.

RENGA will be widely released within the coming months.

Devlog update #7

So, progress has been made! I’ve completely re-written the climb system, and now Klank casts rays to see if there is an obstacle above him that he can’t pass. This is done in realtime, so if an object suddenly appears infront of him klank will cancel the climbing action.

I’ve also been completely revamping the smart texture system and creating a powerful vector editor. We really want to focus on free-form terrain and level design. This isn’t too hard in 3D, but with 2D it can be difficult to get it to look right. When I first started work on the engine, the smart texture system was the first component I worked on. They’ve been continuously updated, and now we’re getting how we want them. Here’s some previews, but they’re not finalized yet:

more terrain

and a twitter logo mockup because I was bored :D

I’ve also been working on other gameplay elements, polishing some editor features and optimizing. More about this soon!